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League of Angels League of Angels

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

im a very Active player but please fix the White screen other than that 5 stars.

Doom Triple Pack Doom Triple Pack

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ah this brings back good old memories just wanted to put some of the cheats to Doom they appear to be working on this to while in game just type en out and they start running.

and 5 stars is a must since this game is simply Epic :D

God mode: iddqd
All weapons and keys: idkfa
No clipping: idspispopd

for new players you have to type this in game without a console for them to work

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Long Maze Game Long Maze Game

Rated 0 / 5 stars

No stars since the game dont hold it promises of being a long game...Dont lie to people... if you want to people to enjoy your games go around the forums and check if someone could have any ideas rather than posting an unfinished game and tell us how to write our Reviews.

The game itself is just Another maze game but it have no introduction or tutorial for people who happen to have no idea of what a maze game is. but i will answer your list of things as accurate as i can but i cant give you much information as a game designer its all up to you to bring us an entertaining game. create a survey or anything to get ideas. i really dislike it when people post unfinished games like this and expect people to like it and help you develope it into a finished product.

This part of the website is meant to be used for finished games that you Think can be a bit entertaining for the sites gamers.

1.Achievements...yes add them
2. unlocks....define what you mean unlock skins etc?
3. shouldnt this one be considered an "unlock"?
4. yes most of the games today do relay on its game Music since it provides a big part of the gamer experience. all games today got Music if it so have to be some wind blowin in horror games to some actual songs
5. Finish the game Before you upload it.

Gives me the Finger Gives me the Finger

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I wonder if you made this game just to give people some medals.

First of all it isnt long enough to be considered a game there are only 3 things to do and thats exactly what you get the medals for.

Second the hand on the side appears without any click and that ruins it if you wanted people to "look" a tiny bit of where you hid your medals.

Third its so short its hard to write a legit Review of your material

Fourh If you want to make a good game then put more effort into it i can see you made all the desigs yourself in About 2min in paint (max). I mean it dont even look like hands to me looks the upper one looks like a foot and the lower one looks like a chicken seen from the side...who would put their foot on a chicken?
you dont get any stars from me since the Graphics and gameplay in this "Game" isnt trusworthy enough to be considered a game at all. I call this a peice of blam material.

i expect these kind of games from the annoying "aim forthe apple game advertisements" that sometimes show up

Stars: 0 due to 0 effort

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Biblioteca Biblioteca

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

im writting this Review as i play and i will notify you about minor glitches i find this far this game is very entertaining and really good i like it and i would like to play the full version once its out.

Minor things found:
When Walking near a broken floor tile it wont let you go Close to it. it makes it feel more like an obstacle course than a broken floor tile i suggest fixing the obstacle layer of them to be smaller so they fit pretty much just the broken tile

Indicators that doors are locked would be nice so i dont think its a glitch.

and i dont know what is going on here but i guess its easy to fix

i stoped playing it since my item menu stoped working after i found an earring and i realised some doors are actually glitching it wont let me interact with them

4.5 stars gameplay and story is excellent i got good hopes for this game as it comes out as full version i think this may be as good as suitable for a test run for the green light on steam.
even though i couldnt complete it i think most people below this Review have given you other hints of bugs and glitches.

Good job keep up your excellent work

4.5 stars because i was not able to complete it in one run due to the glitch

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Escape the soul - xtragam Escape the soul - xtragam

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

After telling me this is the 46th escape game from xtragamingz i was hoping for something good something that could keep me entertained for a while. im sorry but i got sad when i saw this i rate this game half a star because of following.

Reasons: first when you start the game the Word bubbles that tells a tiny bit of the story is blue and White wich makes it hard for me to read em without my glasses so ofc i had to go get em.
the game itself is very easy its to short for my taste especially when the main purpose of a game isnt to beat it within the next 5min.
a couple of other things that i noticed the Music doesnt loop at all you have to press mute Music then unmute to get it to play again. that removes most of the fun within the game since the game was to short i honestly Think the song was better than the game so i sat for a while just to listen to it. Another thing i dont seem to be able to find a go to main menu button so i cant let my friends play when im done just by reseting it no i have to refresh the entire page wich forces me to reload all the ads on the page.

Summary: This game do not hold quality nor Entertainment. i suggest you put a bit more work into it and dont just let the glitches/flaws flood for the players to experience on their own i suggest you play the game Before you upload it somewhere.

Stars: 1/2

Things for you to fix:
Main menu button
Loop the Music
have a better way to give hints rather than the offsite walkthrough button (since i dont trust all webpages) and i think others think alike.
Change story bubble color so they dont mix into eachother (whats wrong with black and White?)
ah and also if you want. adjust the press boxes of the items on game so i dont collect them by pressing next to them alil bit since that do actually improve the game sometimes people collect things by accident that way.

Die Hipster! Die Hipster!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I dont think this game is suitable for newgrounds

Reasons: First of all i cant help to ignore the hatecrime that is so clearly displayed in it i may not be a hipster but i dont Think hatecrimes should be the title of a game. The controlls are horrible i dont get all the sliding around and it takes estimated 1.5sec for the character to start move after Arrow been pressed. i also noticed its on ipad but apple are mindless people who live of stolen ideas so im not suprised they added it there even though they risk a lawsuit because of the hatecrime. (they can afford it).

You get 1.5Stars since i never Review a game without playing it first i must say it was quite entertaining but i played it as "kill the person" in a complete neutral way of all of todays diffrent styles.
1 star because i found it entertaining
0.5 star because the controlls didnt really meet my standards in gaming (when i press a button i dont want to wait for it to move it feels like you purposely put in lagg into the game)

I like the game since it was entertaining for the first 5min. i decided to quit playing because of the clearly displayed hatecrime and write this Review instead.

Vita;Mee Vita;Mee

Rated 3 / 5 stars

1 star for trying. im afraid you need to look into your game further since the infinite money bug as they name below are still present all i did was change shirt bought a apple and dived in the ocean and then it got triggered.

Picture proof: (( ))

Another star for the gameplay pretty much Everything was easy to find but id rather have game tokens in the actual game store. nothing was to advanced.

Another star for the Graphics not the best but still not the worst i liked how i could customize my avatar i Think giving the players options to choose what they want to look like sort of personalise the gameplay in meny games.

3 Stars granted. Summary: I say you could have done better fixed a few bugs and glitches. Other than that i Think its a good game but i wouldnt call this a pet game it fits more into simulation.

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JackAstral responds:

That's so strange- I can't seem to recreate the bug. For now I've just included a little work around that should automatically fix the issue.

Thanks for playing and reviewing anyway- sorry for the trouble!

Windows MEE Windows MEE

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love this game it was very good and but a small unfortunate thing happened when i was gonna view the errors. you see there were no warnigs about flashing images and so on so yeah i was siting here with my sister who happen to suffer from epilepsia and we were playing this and as soon as those flashes appeard i had to tackle my sis and turn her away from the screen. if you ever happen to make Another please involve warning texts

TheMadWasp responds:

There is a warning on the Boot Screen, it appears after a couple of seconds. I thought that most people would see it. I was sorta wrong I suppose. I'll change it a little bit so that there is a warning before the boot screen.
Tell your sister that I'm sorry.

Mine Quest Mine Quest

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

The game was good but the movement of the character i say it slide to much and the Craft table its hard to say what i create please insert tool tips for each and every block Before you make them.

oh a by the way. This should not besible right?
Since i assume its bedrock at the bottom of the map
i give this 0.5 out of 5 stars. please develope your game more and i avice you to gaher some game testers Before you post your game

dont let the gamers down by saying something like "Oh Hey if the game glitches out restart" are we back to NES sort of prolems or can it be fixed?

JackAstral responds:

Fixed! Thanks for reporting that bug!